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About Laura Fram Cowan


My current glass plates, bowls, platters and sculptures are informed by many years as a visual artist and craftsperson; especially watercolor painting, weaving and ceramics. 

Inspiration for most of my paintings arose from emotionally moving life experiences, particularly; multiday remote desert canyon rafting forays: deep into mother earth, and my love for exploration and travels to beautiful, foreign places.


I was catapulted back into my artwork after (my 29 year old son) James’s sudden, and untimely death, in July 2012.   Five months later, on the last night of a therapeutic trip to New Zealand with my incredibly astute daughter, I sat crying in my steaming bowl of Tom Yum.  Hannah confronted me with, “You have 5 seconds, tell me what you want to do with your life!”

I immediately answered, surprising us both with, “Sculpture!” Something I had never done, but always felt drawn to. I went home and signed up for Sculpture classes at SFCC for spring 2013.

It came to me to make his grave marker in bronze.  We placed it on his grave last September.  Through the help and encouragement of family, friends and the talented staff at SFCC sculpture department, I am back from the abyss of grief. Hopefully adding more of my now living soul's expression of beauty and wonder to this complicated world.

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